Apr 14, 2013

Shameless Plugging

Hey, guys!

Okay, so this is a break away from my previously all-around bookishness, but I'm about to shamelessly plug for my family's business! Get ready for it... 3...2...1.

Luminati Lighted Bracket
Please please please please go vote (click on vote to actually vote) for Federal Brace's Luminati Lighted Bracket. Ten reasons why:

1.) Made in America, so you're basically helping the economy. Go 'murica.

2.) Made with gorgeous stainless steel and artisan glass inserts. We're all 'bout that streamlined technique...  Oh, AND making your kitchen counters look marvelous.

Beautiful Federal Brace Countertop
3.) Small family businesses (specifically mine) will be helped by your vote... and aid in my college tuition. Yay eduction! And economy (again)!!!

4.) It's backlit, so that your lovely granite countertops will actually get the attention they deserve!

5.) According to the makers themselves "This is more than a conspiracy - it is a revolution in countertop support decor!" (See Shakespeare for rebellion and revolution - he's basically the originator of the Luminati Lighted Bracket.)

Cats on Cats on Racks
6.) With a name like Luminati Lighted, you're bound to be both mysterious (in the best way possible) and enlightened (like Buddha... but less fat).

7.) See Wikipedia for further proof of the above.

8.) If you do this, I get a pizza party... SO DO IT.

9.) I said ten, but I'm running out of reasons. Here's a picture of a cat. Cute kitty!

10.) More cats. Cats on cats on cats. Leggho...

The link is here. Please! Also, comment if you voted, just so I can see who loves me the mostest.

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