Reagan Leah is a freshman at UNC studying English in hopes of one day becoming an epidemiologist; totally unrelated to English, she knows, but she likes helping people - and taking on an insane course load. She loves laying in hammocks at the beach doing her favorite nerdish activity - reading, though the sun turns her pale skin the approximate color of tomatoes. Her reading is typically joined by a lovely soundtrack of her favorite artists, which vary from Eminem and Chief Keef to Young the Giant, Vampire Weekend, Disney movie soundtracks and (her personal favorite) old classic rock icons - the Who, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, et cetera. Other hobbies of hers include swimming, and, in general, sports, fashion, travel.... to just name a few. As the oldest of seven children, family is important to her, and she has extensive, to the point of excessive, experience in taking care of small little bundles of... joy (or demon spawn, depending on how you look at them). After leaping for joy upon receiving her letter of acceptance to UNC, she immediately packed her bags to come and join in on the joys of YoPo, UNC basketball, and the epic wonder that is Gio Bernard. Then she realized that college includes papers, homework, and exams...

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