Feb 22, 2011

Three Cups of Tea

When mountain-climber Greg Mortenson undergoes tremendous stress during his feat to climb K2- the second highest mountain in the world, and rumored to be the hardest incline to summit- and loses his way repeatedly despite having a guide, he stumbles onto the tiny town of Korphe, Pakistan. The town's inhabitants help him regain strength, feed him, and find his guide for him- practicing the hospitality that is ingrained in them from birth. Mortenson resolves to repay them, but what can he give them that will mean more than a simple "thanks" or a handful of money? How about an education- a school for the eighty children that teach themselves in a gathering on the side of a mountain? Normal people would go home and forget about it- end of story, no book, no miraculous happening. Mortenson isn't normal. Mortenson, a homeless nurse-in-training, goes back to the states and, living out of the back of his Buick La Bamba, tries to raise money for a four room building that he wants to gift to a bunch of Pakistani children.

This story is a touching one, one of trials and endurance. It grips the reader and pulls them in from the very beginning, and though I am still in the very middle of it, I have felt that I have been walking alongside Mortenson throughout his entire journey. I can't wait to finish it, and I'll give you an update once I do!

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