Jan 12, 2011

Once upon a time...

Not to be cliché but this is the beginning of a story, a book, a blog. We begin hearing stories when we're babies, we read books when we're young, and when we're book junkees we write blogs about the books we read. I am a book junkee, and this is my book blog.

You know those books that look interesting, so you buy it, just to realize halfway into it that the author clearly doesn't know what they are talking about, and really shouldn't be writing a book EVER in the first place? Or the books that are simply dull and boring? I'm here to eliminate the pain of buying boring books and reading blathering authors. I read books, and love doing it! I write about them, and I'll tell you whether or not the book could actually be beneficial (or at least somewhat entertaining) to your life.
I'll rate them on the "ADDICTION SCALE" 1-10 (for all you other junkees out there), and tell you what I think about it- the plot, the book, the author, the grammar... whatever comes to mind. If you want me to read a book then let me know; and if you actually think a book is awesome, then by all means, comment and tell me!
So, to all you junkees, and non-junkees, out there- here's to some good reading!


  1. I love this concept! So, let's say that I like books about sports or books by new authors and I want you to tell me what you think about the books. Will you read those books and give a review?

  2. Yes, I will write reviews on both books that I choose to read and ones that others recommend to me. Become a follower to receive updates on my blog!

  3. I love to read and always like to hear about a good one to read. Can't wait.


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